Adele 1961


In 1961 Giuseppe Soffiantini founded “Gruppo Manerbiesi”, basing it on previous relations consolidated when working for the textile Marzotto Group at that time based in Manerbio with an important textile plant. After the 1929 crisis Marzotto bought a small factory from the Ghirardi family which had been producing silk in the area since 1870.

The great industrial development of the Marzotto Group in Manerbio began after the Second World War and Giuseppe Soffiantini started his business of selling fabrics to tailors and wholesalers. The idea to produce ready-made garments with the Laura Lindor brand on an industrial scale was the result of an advertising campaign throughout Italy.

It was successful immediately and guaranteed a rapid development of production and distribution in the Italian market.
The development of the business over a period of more than 50 years was characterised by the on-going search to improve the quality of the product and to achieve recognised leadership in the production of trousers and skirts.

Today the structure employs the best in-house and external skills for creating the production process: advanced systems for the modelling, cutting and ironing area. Production is entrusted to external workshops constantly monitored by technical managers with which processes to improve the appearance of the product are experimented.

Ironing is not only an essential phase for giving freshness to the product but it is also an opportunity to scrupulously control quality.
Materials are controlled by a certified specialised company and are assessed in the in-house workshop. In addition to this there is also a constantly attentive and efficient customer service.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Kiltie srl was founded with the support of sons Carlo and Paolo. The experience of many years became the basis of a new path: high quality products for a high market bracket. The Kiltie and Rèvers lines were founded focused respectively on trousers and skirts, in the first case, and on jackets and coats in the second.

A new path will begin this season. The positive energies of Gruppo Manerbiesi will be dedicated to putting into action a new project of complete renewal:
- a new brand: A.D.E.L.E. 1961 (Adele is Carlo and Paolo’s mother), 1961 is the year the business was founded by Giuseppe),
- a new team of stylists,
- the start of a marketing strategy aimed at asserting the brand on international markets.

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